Johanna Frobenius is a designer and project manager living and working in Berlin, Germany. Her practise comprises design services including brand identities, printed collateral, websites, editorials, as well as project- & event management. 

Based on high affinity to all paper and printed matters, she lives for simple beauty and limitless possibilities. Modern, refined and minimal design connected to a love of details, carying to create a consistent design language through all communication channels.
‘Why do I love paper? Because it has been with me all my life. Born and raised in a family owned printing agency, paper was always a medium to express inner feelings.’ 

‘Paper’s permanence reminds me of the physical importance, the tactile, and a fundamental human need to make lasting marks to signal our passage through life.’

‘In a world where everything is digitized and diverting, holding something in your hand that talks to your senses and creates lasting memories is more necessary than ever before. Paper is an invitation to create, so do I.’